natural-cold-flu-remediesThe number of people affected with flu is on the rise. Wherever you are, you might be coughing, sneezing, or sniffling. Here are some practical ways to help you feel better:

Eat some chicken soup

Your mother’s mother’s mother might have known this flu and cold remedy but it really works. Chicken soup somehow help reduce congestion of your airways. If you have tried Chinese medicine, they have hot, spicy soups that can help alleviate infections of the upper respiratory tract. You can also try vegetable or fish broth but the chicken soup has been a favorite.


When you are sick, your body is telling you that you need to slow down and get some rest. Stop stressing that you missed work or cannot go somewhere but give in to the signals of your body. Among the best way to combat any sickness is by resting. You do not have to be bedridden but make sure you are comfortable. Prop up your head to help with the drainage.

Drink a lot of water

Flu and sniffles tend to dehydrate your body so a crucial part of the treatment is drinking a lot of water. Some broth, juice, and tea will also help. Try to avoid alcohol and caffeine since they tend to dehydrate you more.

Do not overdo the vitamins

Supplements and vitamins may help your body get strong and healthy but it will not help you get well fast when you take them just when flu hits you. Overdoing these supplements may also trigger diarrhea that in turn will dehydrate you more.


If your throat hurts, you do not have to rush to the drug store. Try some warm water and mix in some salt and gargle this solution. It will not be the best of flavors but it will help soothe your throat. The swelling will decrease and you will be able to drink and eat more comfortably.

Dancing can help you drop the extra luggage. Dancing along some music videos can get your body moving and your heart thumping:

California Gurlz by Katy Perry

YouTube Preview Image

This whimsical video by Katy Perry also features big names like Snoop Dogg. The energetic choreography will start about two-thirds into the music video as the cast of backup singers make their way through the fantasy land.

Bad Romance by Lady Gaga

YouTube Preview Image

Quirky as she may seem, Lady Gaga has also the dance moves like in this great music video. If you are tired of the grinding and the shaking that hip-hop offers, try the work out that this video presents to you.

Lady Marmalade by Christina Aguilera, Lil Kim, Mya, and Pink

YouTube Preview Image

This dance routine might require you to practice some moves at home. Have fun, while being sexy. This is one sexy cardio workout that will help you lose weight.

Move your body by Beyonce

YouTube Preview Image

In this music cum educational video, Beyonce encourages kids to move around. The routine was made to entice children to dance along with the popular singer. Beyonce leads the kids thru the dance routine using usual exercise moves blended with some hip-hop flavor.

Stronger by Britney Spears

YouTube Preview Image

Drop the extra pounds as you move along Britney Spears in this music video. Your heart rate will go up and your adrenaline will be pumping as you try to keep up with the strong dance steps. Plus, you can use the new skills when you hit the dance floor.

healthy-appleA lot of people now are more conscious about their health. Getting into a better shape is a serious matter for everyone who wants to avoid early aging, heart disease, and other health problems due to a sedentary lifestyle. Here are some practical tips to help you kick off a healthier lifestyle:

Walk daily

If you want to exercise, you really do not have to spend a lot on gym membership or equipment. All you need to start a good exercise routine is to step out of your house everyday and walk. Walking helps you improve endurance, strengthens your legs, decreases stress, and helps you have a healthier heart.

Drink a lot of water

Instead of sugary drinks like soda and juice, go for water. Drinking about eight or more glasses of water will help hydrate your cells. It helps with your digestion, bowel movement, and a better skin. Avoid diet sodas that really are not diet sodas. It is also better to drink water from the tap when it is good and safe instead of bottle water which may be leached with some toxins from the plastic bottle.

Eat apple

It is true that an apple a day can help you stay healthy. It has a good amount antioxidants that protects your cells from early aging and destruction. It helps with your digestion and enhance bowel movement. The sugars in your apple is a lot better than your candy bar or energy drink.

Moderate drinking

Just think of the calories you get with a glass of beer, cocktail or wine. A glass of wine maybe healthy but a few glasses of drinks in a night may decrease your metabolism, decrease brain function, and will give you that extra luggage when you step on the weighing scale.

Rasberry_MargaritaA lot of studies have established that red wine can help take good care of your heart. A recent study concludes that there is a lot more to alcohol than just helping us keep our heart pumping:

The liver benefits from a little wine

A university in San Diego recently had a study which concludes that people who drink a glass of red wine per day are less likely to be affected by fatty liver which is among the most common liver diseases in the United States. On the other hand, people who enjoy drinking hard liquor or beer have higher chances of getting NAFLD or non-alcoholic fatty liver disease. The proponents need to pinpoint yet the exact mechanism and compound how red wine helps the liver.

Any alcoholic drink in moderation lowers cholesterol

Consumption of alcoholic drinks in moderation helps one to have a good amount of good cholesterol. A study conducted in 2007 examined the blood of people who drink alcoholic beverages moderately , defined as a glass to six drinks per week, had bigger particles of cholesterol in their blood. The bigger particles of cholesterol refer to the good cholesterol in the blood which help fight heart problems while the sizable particles are the LDLs which are the bad cholesterol causing a long list of heart problems.

Alcohol boosts potency of fruits

Another study found out that having fruits with alcoholic drinks boosts the antioxidant potentials of fruits. The effects of course will depend on the kind of fruits you use with the drink. Having berries with an alcoholic drink, say margarita with some fresh raspberries, makes it a lot better than using fruit concentrates. The fresh fruits too contain less sugar, less calories, and more fiber so they are naturally healthier.

weight lossTechnologies change really fast today that sometimes it is dizzying to keep up. Instead of being overwhelmed with it, we can make good use of it to meet our goals. We list down some high-tech tools which you can use if you are working hard to shed off some pounds:

Text Messages

You can subscribe to services which automatically send messages to you about good exercise habits and healthy diet tips. Think of it as your coach reminding you of what you should do. Think of it as you virtual trainer pushing you to meet your goals.
If you want some nice subscriptions, you can check out the which was conceptualized by medical experts and sends out diet tips. You can also get fitness and diet tips from exercise experts and nutritionists from



If you have been using a smartphone for quite some time, the term apps is no longer new to you. You can get apps for your mobile phone to help you monitor your calorie intake and also log out what you have been doing in the gym.
Studies have found that keeping track of your food intake and maintaining a workout journal can help a lot in losing weight. Using an app is a lot more convenient than bringing a notebook around and adding figures at the end of the day. Apps do all the math work for you and they are very easy to use.
Some nice apps to use are the Lose it! (!/id297368629?mt=8) and MapMyFitness (


Video Games for fitness

Make good use of your Wii, Xbox 360, and PlayStation 3 by playing activity oriented video games. It will be fun and you will have a lot of choices. You might not burn as much calories when you work out in the gym but this will really get you moving. This is also a nice way to encourage every member of the family to exercise.


Social Networks and interactive websites

Make most of these places on the web to get tips from experts, monitor your diet, see exercise guides, and also interact with other people who share the same goals as you or struggle the same way you do. Use the connections and communication in your social network to keep you upbeat in achieving your goal. You can use your Facebook, try twitter, or see how can help you.

I just finished writing this article about the safety of being an egg donor after a friend asked me a question about it. I didn't want to to put it up on the blog, but gave it a place anyway! :)

subway breakfastMajority of the people is guilty of getting their breakfast from their favorite fast food joints as they travel or run errands. Notice though that a lot of the choices you have has a big chunk of junk which most likely you will end up getting. The good thing though is that a lot of these food chains have been giving consumers healthier options on their menus.


Like other coffee shops, the food you will find in Starbucks is a wide array of fat bombs. Get your dose of sin rom their donuts, croissants, fritters, and the works. Even the Zucchini Walnut Muffin has 490 calories in it and high level of sodium masked by a healthy sounding name.

Ask for their Strawberry and Blueberry Yogurt Parfait instead which only has 300 calories in it.


You can get a breakfast here which carries 2,150 mg of sodium, 1,090 calories, and 56 g of fat. Nope it is not the Egg McMuffins but the Big Breakfast with pancakes. Instead go for their protein fiber combo in the form of their Fruit and Maple Oatmeal.

Jamba Juice

Are smoothies bad? It depends on what you order. It can go as bad as 770 calories when you go for their Peanut Butter Moo in a 24-ounce cup. A better choice will be to get plain oatmeal plus a serving of banana on top. Good 240 calories to get you by until lunch.


Skip their Breakfast BMT Melt as it carries 480 calories. Good indulgence will come in the form of their Black Forest Ham, Egg and Cheese all on a muffin. All the protein and fiber will keep you full for the rest of the morning.

Every year, health experts urge people to get flu shots, but one should weigh the pros and cons of them before electing to get one. The decision to get a flu shot should not be an impulsive one. One also should not decide that he or she is not going to get a flu shot without thinking about it. In the subsequent paragraph, the pros and cons of flu shots will be discussed.

flu shotThe most obvious pro of getting a flu shot is that it will lessen the chances of getting the flu. Each year, many people miss days of work and school because of the flu. Additionally, those people may have to spend lots of money visiting the doctor and getting medication. Those are things that need to be taken into consideration.

One of the cons to getting a flu shot is the long lines. During flu season, many people tend to panic and run to the pharmacy. If one is considering getting a flu shot, he or she has to think about the fact that there will be long lines and waiting times. Another con of getting a flu shot is the side effects. A person will most likely have flu-like symptoms the first few days after getting a flu shot. He or she may even get a slight fever. Those are things that also need to be taken into consideration.

Before making the decision to get a flu shot, it must be noted that there are other things that a person can do to prevent the flu. Simple activities such as washing hands, covering coughs and avoiding sick people are things that can be easily done to prevent the flu. However, a flu shot may give that extra protection that is needed. There is no right or wrong answer to whether or not a person should get a flu shot. That decision lies in what is best for the individual or family.

p61 depression and weight gainA recent study might have found a link between your belly fat and depression.

The research says it is possible that depression causes individuals to gain some extra pounds around the abdominal area. The flip side of the coin does not hold water; proponents found out that people who are overweight are not likely to go through depression compared to their peers with normal weight.

Experts from the University of Alabama in Birmingham looked into a long term study involving cardiac patients. The subjects of the study involve 5,100 male and female subjects aging from 18 to 30 years old.

The researchers were aiming to find a link between the big waist and depression. The follow up after the 15-year study showed that all subjects gained weight but those who are depressed showed faster weight gain pattern. Those who were overweight to stat with did not display changes to affect the factors of depression.

Proponents of the study try to explain the weight gain by linking cortisol, the stress hormone, to depression and the additional poundage around the abdominals.

The study suggests that depression should not only be taken into consideration because of its mental aspects but also of the physical challenges and other health risks it poses.

chest 4It is a good time for chest congestion. That is, a lot of people are suffering from it.

If you are not interested in over the counter medications, there are plenty of natural remedies for this problem.

For starters, herbal tea can be extremely helpful, especially if you inhale the steam. By adding apple cider vinegar to hot water and/or herbal tea, you can also get a lot of help.

Eucalyptus oil is another helpful cure. Specifically, again, add it to hot water so you can inhale the steam. Lavender, oregano, and thyme as herbs or essential oils can also be used in this remedy.

chest 3The weather is changing.  That has a lot of people getting sick.

They might just get little colds, but those are still awfully unpleasant, especially as the weather starts to get warmer.

So let’s take a look at some natural ways you can get rid of your chest congestion!

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