Every year, health experts urge people to get flu shots, but one should weigh the pros and cons of them before electing to get one. The decision to get a flu shot should not be an impulsive one. One also should not decide that he or she is not going to get a flu shot without thinking about it. In the subsequent paragraph, the pros and cons of flu shots will be discussed.

flu shotThe most obvious pro of getting a flu shot is that it will lessen the chances of getting the flu. Each year, many people miss days of work and school because of the flu. Additionally, those people may have to spend lots of money visiting the doctor and getting medication. Those are things that need to be taken into consideration.

One of the cons to getting a flu shot is the long lines. During flu season, many people tend to panic and run to the pharmacy. If one is considering getting a flu shot, he or she has to think about the fact that there will be long lines and waiting times. Another con of getting a flu shot is the side effects. A person will most likely have flu-like symptoms the first few days after getting a flu shot. He or she may even get a slight fever. Those are things that also need to be taken into consideration.

Before making the decision to get a flu shot, it must be noted that there are other things that a person can do to prevent the flu. Simple activities such as washing hands, covering coughs and avoiding sick people are things that can be easily done to prevent the flu. However, a flu shot may give that extra protection that is needed. There is no right or wrong answer to whether or not a person should get a flu shot. That decision lies in what is best for the individual or family.