Rasberry_MargaritaA lot of studies have established that red wine can help take good care of your heart. A recent study concludes that there is a lot more to alcohol than just helping us keep our heart pumping:

The liver benefits from a little wine

A university in San Diego recently had a study which concludes that people who drink a glass of red wine per day are less likely to be affected by fatty liver which is among the most common liver diseases in the United States. On the other hand, people who enjoy drinking hard liquor or beer have higher chances of getting NAFLD or non-alcoholic fatty liver disease. The proponents need to pinpoint yet the exact mechanism and compound how red wine helps the liver.

Any alcoholic drink in moderation lowers cholesterol

Consumption of alcoholic drinks in moderation helps one to have a good amount of good cholesterol. A study conducted in 2007 examined the blood of people who drink alcoholic beverages moderately , defined as a glass to six drinks per week, had bigger particles of cholesterol in their blood. The bigger particles of cholesterol refer to the good cholesterol in the blood which help fight heart problems while the sizable particles are the LDLs which are the bad cholesterol causing a long list of heart problems.

Alcohol boosts potency of fruits

Another study found out that having fruits with alcoholic drinks boosts the antioxidant potentials of fruits. The effects of course will depend on the kind of fruits you use with the drink. Having berries with an alcoholic drink, say margarita with some fresh raspberries, makes it a lot better than using fruit concentrates. The fresh fruits too contain less sugar, less calories, and more fiber so they are naturally healthier.

heart cholesterol diet foodA recent study which appeared on the Journal of American College of Cardiology suggests that the guidelines for the risk factors for heart disease must be further tightened.

Experts who are pushing for the tightest control of the risk factors like blood pressure and bad cholesterol point out that the lower you get for these tests the better the outcome will be.

They have formed the conclusion after looking into the data about the arteries of around 3437 men who participated in several studies conducted by the Cleveland Clinic. The trials involved using ultrasound probes to check for the fatty deposits along the lining of the blood vessels.

The deposits of fats were thinnest for those men who demonstrated the lowest levels of bad cholesterol or LDL. This was also correlated to the low blood pressure readings.

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eyeIt may be a common knowledge that high total cholesterol is bad for your health. This may lead to several problems like a heart attack. Most of us do not know that too much cholesterol also affects our eyesight.

Doctors from the Stahl Eye Center in New York declare that too much cholesterol increases the risk factor for occluding the blood vessels in your eyes.

Just like any other organ, the eyes need a good blood supply. Too much cholesterol prevents blood from going coming out of the eye in a normal way.

With retinal vein occlusion, the passage way or the blood vessel coming out of the retina gets narrower and narrower because of cholesterol and the slow flow of blood which eventually develops into a clot. The case is the same for arteries.

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apple vs pear cholesterolWhen you look at yourself in the mirror, do you see an apple or a pear? No, not red or green, but how the shape of your body is like. The shape you see tells you if you are prone to cholesterol and heart problems.

If you see a pear, that means small waist but you have bigger hips and thighs, that is a protective shape. Apple-shaped individuals will appear has a bigger abdominal region and bigger waist.

Apple-shaped individuals are with higher risk for cholesterol and heart diseases. The big belly adipose tissues have high inflammatory markers indicative of problems with the heart and levels of cholesterol in the body.

High levels of cholesterol may clog up the arteries of the heart and lead to a heart attack. Total cholesterol levels lower than 200 is considered to be normal.

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healthy foodThere are around 51 million Americans that have high cholesterol levels. As you can see on TV, on newspaper ads, or on the internet, there are also millions of suggested ways to lower your cholesterol.

Remember that there are good cholesterol (HDL) and bad cholesterol (LDL) in the human body. A certain balance between these two helps our body to be in optimal condition.

Too much of the bad cholesterol predisposes one to problems like heart diseases. When you have your blood screened for cholesterol ask your doctor for guidance as what your goal should be. There are the best levels, borderlines, and high risk levels when you read out the laboratory results.

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